How to tap into the CFC to raise unrestricted funds for your non-profit

CFC Fundraising that raises unrestricted dollars for non-profits can make the difference between survival and failure. The Combined Federal Campaign is the Federal government’s workplace giving campaign, and the world’s largest source of unrestricted funds for non-profits.

Through the CFC, Federal public servants have donated more than $1 billion to thousands of local, national, and international charities over the past five years.

Combined Federal Campaign monies are unrestricted, reliable, and predictable, which in the non-profit world means that they are twice as valuable as restricted monies. It is one of American philanthropy's hidden treasures, and a government program that is inspiring:

Vision Statement: A government that encourages and enables active employee participation in community and that fosters collaboration with business and the non-profit sector to achieve this goal.

The CFC is the "Golden Goose" of American philantrhopy, very few understand it, but it provides "gold" (unrestricted dollars) to thousands of local, national and internation non-profits everyday.

If it was a foundation, in terms of actual giving (not just in terms of money in the bank, the way foundations like to trumpet their "success",) the CFC would be the tenth largest foundation in America.

In the book "A Hidden Treasure for Non-Profits, How to Tap into the CFC, America's Largest Workplace Giving Campaign" I show non-profits:

• The Seven Keys to Success for a CFC Non-profit.

• How charities can and diversify and increase reliable streams of revenue, which reduces risk and increases revenue.

• Ways to “Feed the Golden Goose” so that it keeps on producing revenue for your non-profit.

• What the non-profit sector has done exceedingly well (and now regrets) so you can compensate.

• What the non-profit sector has done poorly (and thinks it has done well) so you can course-correct.

• A dozen ways to say “Thank You” that your non-profit has probably not used that will help you increase your resource base.

• Specifically how your non-profit can gain access to funds that are unrestricted, reliable, and predictable.

Bottom line: with the goal of helping you increase the funds available to your charity, the book demystifies government jargon and shows you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

This website is the companion to the book, and it exists to provide additional information to help you and your non-profit achieve the vision spelled out in the vision statements, and to do demystify the government language so that your non-profit can benefit.

Bill Huddleston, the CFC Guy, shows you and your non-profit in plain English how to benefit from this "Hidden Treasure."

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